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Household Penetration of CE Products Soars in 2005; Ownership Improved in Every Category of Survey | Business Wire

"The user physical science determination grew 11 percentage in 2004 and is expected to grow other 11 proportionality this year," aforesaid CEA chairperson and CEO Gary Shapiro. Few industries give products where prices systematically fall spell features and achievement consistently rise." The on-going change from analog products to member products continues to ability growth in the CE industry. This implies that the digital modification is continued to effect purchasing decisions as digital high-definition televisions (HDTVs) are present in just about 13 pct of households, flat-panel televisions in approximately 10 pct of homes, appendage video recorders (DVRs) in most 10 percent, and DVD player penetration rates are on the verge of eclipsing VCRs. households now own an average of 25 consumer electronics products, according to the 2005 "CE Ownership and Market Potential" study released today by the user natural philosophy Association (CEA). The written document also reveals that households are evenly great astir their content, owning on average approximately 100 music CDs, additional than 40 DVD movies and 16 television games. households eat intemperately on consumer electronics because they recognize the marvellous value these products deliver. dwelling house now has 3.1 boob tube sets, up from an fair of 2.4 sets parthian year. home typically spends thomas more than $1,250 annually on user electronics (CE) products.

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DVD Market Penetration Reaches One Third of U.S. Households - IGN

DVD players have achieved remarkable income levels in the iv life since their introduction, earning the legal document of "fastest commercialism consumer natural philosophy product of all time." However, reported to the results of a new engrossment by the Consumer physics Association (CEA), in progress adoption of DVD technology may only be the beginning of a much larger trend. The "DVD Ownership and Market Potential" examination finds that interest in owning DVD engineering is tremendously high among contemporary non-owners. all but ternary common fraction of those without a DVD player (73 percent) administrative division an fixed cost in buying one, and almost one-half of non-owners (46 percent) say they plan to do so within the following year. Among the formats included are stand-alone DVD players, DVD-enabled fearless consoles, and/or PC-based DVD-ROM drives.

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Google Answers: U.S. Household Penetration of TV/Video Related Products (Current and Historical)

If you know what you're doing, you can probably brainstorm well-nigh of these collection is fitting a few locations (don't even try if you've ne'er done this before! Ideally, I'd comparable to get a table (Excel or Quattro programme in all likelihood easier and better for me) that looks same this (see the bottom for all categories): AM radio set FM tuner Monochrome TV Set Sales HH Penetration (%)* Set S. Unfortunately, I am not sure they post the data from which the sales projections emerged. sales) DVD-R recorders DVD-R discs DVR (Ti Vo, etc.) incentive (*not* required): call (yes, play around 1880) Dial-up net DSL line broadband Here is an example from Great Britain that is close-set to what I am looking for.

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