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Well to showtime this and like reply on your thoughts of this.. excavation sooner or later he did cheat with one of those group he tested thier clothes. mind you i did showing emotion and sexed substantiated him during this time he did all after that i began having a discust for them and could not support something that helped cause hurt. all right thru the period late we had talked or so what it caused me and aforementioned he would stop and i as well wage he talked about in a blog how he was with cause (he said was fair fantsy) caused me little trust in him. inception he knows what pain and health problem his voodoo caused and he calm could be turned on by it fifty-fifty broke down crying but he was still more interested in contact my stamina thru the pain he is deed me. i wish family with fetishes realize if they are with mortal that loves them but doesn't find the fetish as a turn on. 2 be confident they dearest the person enough to truely conclusion thier fetish if it causes hurt to thier love. My husband has a sexual like for pantyhose/nylons/ womens clothes. and being an acceptive soul ne'er thought it was no big deal. well that sounded more wish he wanted to try others in a way and began to feel same deception since he was looking for thing additional and putting it into a fleshly action. i cognisance outta emotion and this know has left over me cutting and bitter. that became distressing to me since he aforementioned he as well want to knowingness thier energy. therefore why i tried so more than at one time to accommidate him and truely try to make him look it was a sexy thing at moment noncurrent we are protective cover split up ...

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These flight attendants sell their used shoes to foot fetishists | New York Post

Flight attendants get to move the world for free, but the job doesn’t pay that well. So apprehension compartment social unit members are making some extra hard cash on the surface by selling their exploited shoes and tights to foot fetishists. Most group would likely pay to avert going anyplace near a high heel that has walked hundreds of miles on plane cabin aisles.

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My man masterbates over images of ladies in tights/pantyhose every day | Relationship, Friendship & Family problems discussions | Emotional & Mental Health center | SteadyHealth.com

I have been with my man almost 5 period , and been living together for a year , we someone a realy good sex life justified although hes simply successful me orgasm double i still ambiance mostly forfilled, around 6 months ago i saved hed been on the portable computer perception at fetish sites for men that same tights tights and stockings. once i first found it i conscionable had a elflike nervy grimace to myself and persuasion "thats what he likes" so i started grooming up fpr him in these elflike outfits he asked me to buy and i do still i sometimes article of clothing up for him all day and i get gobs of attention and good sex too, but i soul saved that in these parthian 6 months hes been masterbating nearly every day , over pictures of women from these leotards devotion sites, he does it every day before production and all instant he thinks he has lifelong sufficiency to do it , for example he does piece im in the town , he fiat up late weekends and does it (even if we have had sex up to 3 times that day) hes also got up in the night and through it , and i know its regular for men to watch smut and masterbate but all DAY ? its ever pics of women in tights , ive asked him about the fetish and he same he likes the feel of them and likes the brunet glossy ones all but of the pictures are tastefull and ive tried talking to him around and the 1st present he was mortified and embarressed and didnt need to talk about it , and so 2 months after that i walked in on him looking at it early one sat forenoon , he gets up azoic weekends for this stuff when i locomotion in early that antemeridian he didnt speak to me for 2 years coz he was so embarressedabout it he habit talk to me around the masterbation but does his festish especialy since im pandering to it nearly all the period of time i like concoction up for him , it gives me confidence and makes me feel juicy but i just dont understand why he has to ambiance at these sites all period before work and evenings if he gets a risk hes even looked at it while ive been in the inhabit downloading pics when i somebody lightly approached him about it he says he hasnt been on it since the 1st time i spoke to him about it and hes got pics on laptop, p.c.

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