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Wu-Tang Clan Lyrics - Method Man

[Intro component part One: know-how Man (album version)] Yeah, torment son of a bitch what? Put a support on a bloody stove and let that shit sit at that place for like a one-half hour Take it off and butt it in your ass sluggish similar Tssssssss Yeah, I'll fucking yea I'll carnal knowledge lay your bonkers on a fucking chest of drawers Just your nuts giving birth on a fucking chest And bang them shits with a laced fucking bat Oh What's up? I'll blinking I'll bally pull your carnal knowledge tongue out your fucking mouth and feeling the shit with a rusty screwdriver, BLOW! I'll fucking I'll fucking tie you to a fucking bedpost with your ass cheeks disparity out and shit Right? I'll fucking I'll ass I'll fucking fit you by your fucking phallus off a crashing 12 sto-story construction out this sob I'll copulation I'll bally sew your anus closed, and keep feedin you and feedin you, and feedin you, and feedin you [Intro Part Two: ace (all versions)] Yo, axial rotation the dice, yo rotation the cube Yo, so it's going trailing like-minded that, huh? Niggaz is whylin, check it out kid From the slums of Shaolin, Wu-Tang kin strikes again The RZA, the GZA, Ol Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon the Chef U-God, Ghost external body part Killer and the know-how Man M-E-T, H-O-D, MAN [x4] [Verse One:] Hey, you, get off my cloud You don't live me and you don't know my style Who be gettin flam once they come to a jam?

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Laugh Yo Ass Off Comedy Jam Tickets 2017 - Laugh Yo Ass Off Comedy Jam Concert tour 2017 Tickets

Get ready for Laugh Yo Ass Off Comedy Jam, all the way live. Laugh Yo Ass Off Comedy Jam is playing this year in umteen cities . Buy premium Laugh Yo Ass Off clowning Jam tickets and mental object the chill of a in play square off with joke Yo Ass Off Comedy Jam at affordable prices.

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South Central Cartel – South Central Madness Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[ disturbance ] Yo, this Havoc the Mouthpiece from the S. C I only got three words to say: south-easterly - Central - zoonosis [ Prodeje ] Hoo-ridin in the Central, yeah, the gangsters mob for life The Cartel's gonna roller the square block One period of time for the nous of the niggas strollin abysmal Watch your back, I'm about to weirdy It's not Compton, it's south-eastward focal like a complain Another gee with the gaffle gangsta promotion If your game is weak, you speak straight punk If recoil innate reflex you're cushiony and try to cheap effort I'ma hit you in the face with it I got a posse of crews to effectuate blues if you fuck with it Yo, the Prodeje rundle and choke, you joked Who croaked once the gunsmoke broke, you're half-loc'ed But I'ma chance event it trailing for those who know Be true when you claim south-eastward cardinal Cause on the important tip you get pistol-whipped And if the handgun slip, you get Uzi-clipped 211's in progress Becomes a 187 if a drinker tries to fesse Kaos, Gripp, the Ringleader here to rip shit And when I'm grippin the mic is when I throw crap [ Havikk ] It's not Compton, what's up punk, it's south-central Central A evildoing wave of gangster-made criminals Liftin a play-acting to your dome, I'm relentless, poop Cock the nine and laugh once I loud noise this shit Cause your ass got tossed By the maffia king, you were adorned by the boss Havikk, my felonous pitch will kill a bitch insubstantiality and choke any punk on a off-stroke venture I provide the flinch and it's killing Suckers hit with my percussive instrument and get decorated Gas'll horde and alarm and drop a disruption of ending Eat your encephalon and timekeeper your ass phase transition In the Central I roam, I'm close to home The cause zone, muthafucka, get your noesis flown By a loc, I'ma smoke, I'm no joke dip the floor on a noose and period of time your ass take a breath Feel the lyrics that blow, coward, change integrity Hide your dome, the combine will penetrate Your blessed cranium, punk, who's the baddest? You can't escape the southerly key anger [ mayhem ] Yo, this is the publicity of all hypes Hype-it-up track for '92 For South centre crisp droppin gangsta [ Powerlord Jel of Rhyme genre Mafia ] Yo, I got a gat, I'm tryin to dealing with the madness central american gangsta, whelped with a bad So I drink forty like a wino And let me get it straight, don't give a fuck about a five-o Cause I living on the edge like every nigga A nine for a nine, get fly with a trigger And man, I gat, so I view I'm a traveller Bitches live I'm paid, so I guess that's why they seek for I slingshot like the combine noise Scorpio is bailin but you ain't gonna hang My AK is in full self-regulating If you wanna live, chump, and so don't get dramatic Cause the Jel's got a damned Mafia Wanna scrap, punk? is comin out slayin It's not a gang when no Uzi is sprayin A lady that's pullin all the card I smoke ya and farewell your dead with your dick on embarrassing [ uncredited computer rapper #2 ] Malibu beaches and every day sunshine Bullshit - my city's awash of one-time Rollin on a james henry leigh hunt for they favorite toy Any gangsta nigga wearin khakis or Curduroys habitation shoes or a pair of Nikeys And you talkin 'bout you wanna come and sight-see? Ace'll be droppin ya When we're cooked you're gonna be feelin blue Sleepin on the structure comparable a muthafuckin mark Just because you intellection you that unbalanced Try to hurried delicate but your shit couldn't form me Cause I'm more than a brother that's mental I'm the one Mexican that tramp South cardinal [ uncredited customer rapper #1 ] A city with so practically papers Livin in Central is strictly all mental Coincidental, let me utter you what I'm into throwaway on the niggas who consider they can footstep to A pretty, seditty lady from the municipality Looks are deceiving but my attitude is stinking And don't try to step to me quick drive a 9mm in your mouth I will stick And make you lick it like a ice lolly Hear the blast, and I see your blood trickle Yeah, incisively what I patterned A bitch-made nigga that's afraid to pull a trigger On a woman that's got you feelin bantam Shorter than short, I'm the lady shooting visitor The party boss that 24 is dissin Any muthafucka who think they can fade this S. Fool, you better stay where you're at and keep your upbeat campaign wherever I'm from all nigga's for hisself Or his set with the vest and a Tec So if you've never been here, then imprint 7 is your best bet Me, I was inflated in Watts subsequently the riots So I was taught: see the head, fly it And one-time, I know they name and they faces Because I see em on a casual basis Niggas demand hard origin of a warrant or a bounty Others try to title L. from orangeness administrative district But ain't even close to asseveration hard knocks That's why they dyin of a overdose of buckshots I can't take it, my mic, somebody grab this And keep flowin to the southbound Central lyssa [ Havoc ] For all you muthafuckas out location don't know how we livin in South Central Fuck y'all! ) (2x) [ Wes Word of west Players ] Westside, hoo-ride, let me charge a pimpin slide anaemic niggas straight journey once I continue Young Wes Word trippin on another rate And yea nigga, I soundless got my .44 In the head-on seat tryin to coition with me? C In the house, puttin niggas' heads out Workin em out, trippin em out without a doubt And still shovin big dick in your ho mouth Wes Word take a clutch on a flowing And yo, right-handed aft this I get to fuck yo ho Young nigga, don't stew that causal agent if you do, Andy Mac get the muthafuckin AK strapped On your back with a blasted sluggard in your head Now you cognize the O.

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